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NOVEMBER 2020 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 71 Mix these time tested critical ingredients with an easy multi-channel way of communicating with your customers that includes self-service FAQs where they can easily and quickly find answers to their questions—including the use of chat-bots that can provide answers based on keywords your customers enter. This will cre- ate an award-winning customer service dish. Lastly, always remember that you can only be as successful as you can make your custom- ers. Good luck in 2020, and be the best cus- tomer service master chef that you can be! Stevenson: Thank you, Al. It is great that your team strives to keep customers' peace of mind and improve the experience. I agree that it takes a team, so a big shout-out to you and your team for their hard work. I love how each member thinks of themselves as a master chef, allowing them to cater and personalize the experience for each customer in each situation as it changes. Secchi: Thanks, Matt. DESIGN007 Matt Stevenson is the VP of sales and marketing at Sunstone Circuits. To read past columns or contact Stevenson, click here. Rohm has released the ultra-compact AEC-Q101 qualified MOSFETs, RV8C010UN, RV8L002SN and BSS84X, best-in- class 1mm 2 size that deliver automotive-grade reliability. The products are suitable for high-density applications such as ADAS and automotive ECUs. The continuing electrification of vehicles in recent years has signifi- cantly increased the number of elec- tronic and semiconductor components used per vehicle. For automotive parts, automated optical inspection (AOI) is performed after mounting to ensure reliability, but with bottom electrode components the solder joint cannot be verified since the terminals are not visible, making it difficult to conduct visual inspection that meets automotive standards. Rohm has solved these issues with its original Wettable Flank technology that ensures an unprec- edented side electrode height of 125μm in the 1.0mm x 1.0mm size and leading to increased adoption by a number of vehicle manufacturers. In addition to MOSFETs, Rohm is com- mitted to continuing to expand its prod- uct lineup of bipolar transistors and diodes. (Source: Globe Newswire) Rohm Reducing Size of Automotive Designs With Ultra-Compact MOSFETs vice as a menu option, and the main dish that everyone wants to be tasty and satisfying. The following would be a recipe to consider. Start with a high-quality product or service that you believe in and can stand behind. Add an understanding of your customer—who they are, what they do, and what they need. Show that you understand them and their need and that you care! Then, if—and only if—you can meet that need, you share with them how you can help them to be successful. Only make real- istic commitments that you can stand behind. Then, be timely in all your communications as you mix in a good portion of proactiveness and work as a good partner would. Now, combine, and add an unexpected positive—more than and faster than expected. Your ingredients should include: • 1 part of high-quality product/service • 3 parts of understanding the customer's needs—show them you understand and that you care • 2 parts of sharing how you can help the customer be successful • 3 parts promises you can confidently commit to • 2 parts timely and as proactive as possible communications • 5 parts exceeding your customer's expectations

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