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106 PCB007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2020 junction with the International Electronics Circuit Exhibition (Shenzhen). This conference has drawn an enthusiastic response from experts in the PCB and electron- ics manufacturing industry around the world. It will cover the hottest topics for 5G, including PCB material selections, new testing solutions, manufacturing processes, as- sembly solutions, high-frequen- cy and high-speed signal appli- cations, new equipment tech- nologies, and quality improve- ment solutions, as well as the latest global market trends, in- dustry standards, Industry 4.0, smart production, high-quali- ty business management plans, wearable device applications, EV technologies, environmental protection, energy-saving so- lutions, and emission reduc- tion plans. The full conference will be conducted online, using a combination of pre- recorded presentations where you can learn on-demand and real-time engagement through a live forum with Q&A and panel discussions. Online enrollment and program rundown is available at ecwc15.org. PCB007 The year 2020 has created more than a brave new world. It's a world of opportunity rapidly pressuring or- ganizations of all sizes to rapidly adopt technology to not just survive but to thrive. And Andrew Dugan, chief tech- nology officer at Lumen Technologies, sees proof in the company's own customer base, where "those organiza- tions that fared the best throughout COVID-19 were the ones that were prepared with their digital transformation." That has been a common sto- ry this year. A 2018 McKinsey sur- vey showed that well before the pandemic, 92% of company lead- ers believed "their business model would not remain economically vi- able through digitization." This as- tounding statistic shows the neces- sity for organizations to start de- ploying new technologies, not just for the coming year, but for the com- ing Fourth Industrial Revolution. Dugan says, "One of the key things that we see with the Fourth Industrial Revolution is that enterprises are taking advantage of the data that's available out there." And to do that, companies need to do business in a new way. Specifically, "One is to change the way that they ad- dress hiring. You need a new skill set. You need data sci- entists. Your world is going to be more driven by software. You're going to have to take advan- tage of new technologies." This mandate means that or- ganizations will also need to pre- pare their technology systems, and that's where Lumen helps "build the organizational competencies and provide them the infrastruc- ture, whether that's network, edge compute, data analytics tools," continues Dugan. The goal is to use software to gain insights, which will improve business. (Source: MIT Technology Review) The Fourth Industrial Revolution Has Begun: Now's the Time to Join

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