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52 SMT007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2020 Should you hire the most talented candidate for the open position in your department? The answer is no. Hire the right talent for the posi- tion. The concept is straightforward to under- stand, but achieving success can be compli- cated without a structured recruiting process. The process starts with an evaluation of the company's core values and branding. Once that has been accomplished, then screening candidates and selecting the right talent for your hiring needs becomes much easier. Understand Your Organization's Core Values Before you start searching for new employ- ees, you should clearly understand the core values that allow your company function. This is important as you determine the culture fit of prospective candidates for the job position you plan to hire for. One Forbes' article [1] described "key strategies for establishing your compa- ny's core values and ensuring your people, Redefine Recruiting to Attract and Hire the Right Talent from new hires to tenured employees, know the traits that define and exemplify your cul- ture." Here are the four steps with commen- tary from me. 1. Identify Key Traits That Describe Your Culture Establish a cross-functional team represent- ing most functions of your company to get inputs. These inputs should consist of adjec- tives, verbs, or phrases that define how the company operates and what behaviors the organization expects of all employees. 2. Narrow the List to Establish Your Core Values Attempt to capture values that are unique that go beyond the common ones of commit- ment, teamwork, reliability, etc., to name a few. 3. Share Your Core Values Companywide Once you've determined your core values, share them throughout the company with a marketing campaign aimed at informing Operational Excellence Feature Column by Alfred Macha, AMT PARTNERS

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