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86 SMT007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2020 1 Würth Elektronik Develops CHARM for Robust Electronics for Harsh Industrial Environments E In June 2020, Würth Elek- tronik started the EU proj- ect CHARM together with 36 European partners. The goal of the ECSEL JU project CHARM is to develop indus- trial IoT solutions that have an improved toler- ance to harsh industrial environments. 2 Lean Digital Thread: Accelerating Global New Product Introduction E James Dyson once said, "Manu- facturing is more than just put- ting parts together. It's coming up with ideas, testing principles, and perfecting the engineer- ing, as well as the final assem- bly." In this column, Sagi Reuven describes the importance of process engineering or new product introduction (NPI) and how process engineers can make a big difference. 3 X-Rayted Files: A Century of X-Rays in the Automotive Industry, Part 2 E As one of the main users of X-ray inspection, the automo- tive industry has been one of the main drivers for the devel- opment of higher power and higher resolution X-ray imag- ing systems. Dr. Bill Cardoso continues with Part 2 of this column series. 4 Zulki's PCB Nuggets: What's Different Between C2 and C4 for PCB Microelectronics Assembly? E In Zulki Khan's last column, he talked about flip-chip ball grid array (BGA), or FCBGA, mak- ing its grand entrance into PCB microelectronics assembly. But that subject requires a lot more digging to get the full story for OEMs planning highly advanced products that demand PCB microelectronics assembly. Editor's Picks from Dr. Bill Cardoso Zulki Khan Sagi Reuven

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