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42 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2020 PCEA 2020: Small Rearview Mirror, Big Windshield Introduction In this month's forward-driving column, I glance back at PCEA's year in "rearview," which included an energetic jump-start, some challenging air filter retro-fitting, some remote diagnostics, and a final refueling at a very suc- cessful virtual chapter meeting. Next, I hit cruise control and rely on PCEA Chairman Stephen Chavez, who focuses on what lies ahead between the vanishing points of high- ways 2020 and 2021. As always, I'll also point out some interesting events for you to consider attending. PCEA Updates There are many good metaphors based on cars and driving. A recent one regarding the past year resonates with me by pointing out the differences in size between a rearview mir- ror and a windshield. You only need to glance in the rearview when backing up or trying to see what may be overtaking you. But if you're driving forward, your main focus should be on the large, clear windshield to see what's coming. 2020 was a great year for the PCEA. It had to be because it's the only one we've had. We were started by a group of designers, engi- neers, and PCB industry representatives and professionals who found themselves looking for a new set of wheels after the dissolution of the IPC Designer's Council and its execu- tive staff in November 2019. The group was not ready to hang up their passion for high- lighting and representing PCB designers. Addi- tionally, they acknowledged that there needs to be a more intimate organizational structure to better cultivate and grow relationships with The Digital Layout by Kelly Dack, CIT, CID+, PCEA

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