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44 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2020 all vital stakeholders to understand and com- municate each other's requirements during the vital phases of design, manufacturing, pro- curement, and test. In January, meetings were called, and the group came together to prepare the vision and restart as a grass-roots organization with a mis- sion to collaborate, educate, and inspire the electronic industry to create better printed cir- cuits. However, the group members soon found themselves masked and quarantined with vir- tually the rest of the electronics industry. Meet- ing over the past months, the group managed to incorporate as a nonprofit after forging the PCEA. The monthly column was established a few years ago by Stephen Chavez, who del- egated it to me after he was named chairman of the PCEA. In less than a year, the foundation of the PCEA was laid. The organization held its grand opening event online, touting over 1,000 mem- bers with many local chapters itching to meet again. More recently, the San Diego, Califor- nia, and Phoenix, Arizona, chapters hosted a successful virtual chapter meeting attended by over 50 industry professionals from all over North America, including Canada. October PCEA Chapter Meeting Local chapter presidents Luke Hausherr (San Diego Chapter) and Randy Kumagai (Phoenix Chapter) kicked off the meeting on October 28 with greetings and an introduction to PCEA Chairman Stephen Chavez. Steph gave an overview and called on people to spread the word that the PCEA is ready to fulfill its mis- sion of leadership, membership, and continu- ally growing industry sponsorship. One recent sponsor, Insulectro, delivered a technical session on design innovation related to PCB materials, which was given by VP of Technol- ogy Chris Hunrath and Technical Director of Design Education Mike Creeden, who is also the PCEA's vice-chairman. Topics covered included: • Design innovation • Hybrid stackup models • Material properties and considerations • Effects of loss tangent • Mixing laminates • Embedded capacitance • Advanced HDI structures After the presentation, the chapters hosted a raffle with some outstanding prizes. Luke selected the winners. The grand prize was a seat of PCB Library Expert, which was thought- fully provided by PCB Libraries. Message From the Chairman by Stephen Chavez, MIT, CID+ What a year! Most of us will never forget 2020. With all that is going on in the world today, it amazes me how many have adapted to the virtual world, didn't break stride in meeting today's challenges, and continued to be suc- cessful. Our industry's evolution waits for no one, and many have stepped up to the challenge and conquered it. When I think about how 2020 unfolded for the PCEA, we have far exceeded our initial expec- tations and goals for the year. From our grand opening back on July 14, our membership continues to see very strong growth month after month. We are not only having growth from within the U.S., but we also have international growth. Our local and regional PCEA chapters have seen momentum and success. We now have 10 active domestic and international chapters, with eight chapters at their infancy stages and many others com- ing soon. Mike Creeden Chris Hunrath Stephen Chavez Luke Hausherr

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