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DECEMBER 2020 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 61 PCB Technologies Focuses on an All-in-One Solution E Recently, PCB Technologies reached out to us with news about their new All-In-One offering. Intrigued, we followed up and spoke with VP of Marketing and Business Development Arik Einhorn to get more details on the All-In-One services. We've included the short article and the interview below. Manufacturers Weigh in on Made-in-America Debate E As the U.S. grapples with who will take the helm of the U.S. presidency, electronics man- ufacturers around the country are grappling with which policies and ideas would promote growth and innovation in the sector. Many agree that a push for "made in America" poli- cies and incentives might be useful. Often, they point to similar initiatives used by other countries, including China and India. Gardien on the Right Track With New ERP System E Andy Shaughnessy speaks with Roland Valen- tini, Gardien Group COO, about the company's new OnTrack2 ERP and process management software. He explains how OnTrack2 is pur- pose-built for customers around the world and why it's much more than a replacement for OnTrack1, which was being stretched beyond its original intent. TTM Technologies: Defense, Data Drive Profits in 3Q E TTM Technologies Inc., a global printed circuit board (PCB) and radio frequency (RF) com- ponents manufacturer, reported results for the third quarter of fiscal 2020, which ended on September 28, 2020. Survey Results: 'Are You Currently Hiring?' E The I-Connect007 research team invited read- ers to share their thoughts on what's happen- ing with staffing and retention to help prepare for an upcoming issue on this important topic. Here, we delve into the first question, "Are you currently hiring?" EPTE Newsletter: Recent Market Trends in Japanese PCBs E The Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) released the August production data from Japan. Dominique Numakura explains how they did during the COVID-19 pandemic. The PCB Norsemen: So Much More Than Just Through Vias E As most people know, component holes are still highly necessary for components that require them, and clean lead-through-holes (vias) have increased in necessity over the last 30 years. John Steinar Johnsen explains how the challenges with smaller diameter vias, per- haps depth-controlled, have increased and are, in some cases, challenging for those who pro- duce PCBs and have to assemble and handle solder components. HKPCA's Audrey Sim Details Upcoming Electronic Circuits World Convention E Nolan Johnson speaks with Audrey Sim, execu- tive director and vice president of operations for the Hong Kong Printed Circuit Association, about the upcoming Electronic Circuits World Convention, to be held November 30 through December 2, 2020. Ms. Sim gives Nolan an over- view of the conference's history, its scope as a printed circuit industry conference, and its shift to a hybrid virtual/physical format for 2020.

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