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86 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2020 1 Beyond Design: Routing Strategies for High-Speed PCB Design E As the typical PCB design becomes more complex, so do the techniques and strategies required. Barry Olney describes why PCB designers need to understand the underlying high- speed issues of the design based on simulation and then translate these into corresponding design constraints. 2 Roundtable Discussion: App Notes and Fab Notes E Dana Korf, Jen Kolar, Mark Thompson, and Kelly Dack, review the June and August 2020 issues of Design007 Magazine, which covered app notes and fab notes, respectively. The group discusses some of the ongoing chal- lenges related to incomplete and inaccurate design data and why communication can pre- clude many of these problems. What follows is the transcript from this conversation. 3 Dana on Data: Reducing PCB Specification Interpretation Issues E The PCB industry has accepted a low-quality level of provided documentation from its custom- ers for the past several decades. In this column, Dana Korf reviews one common fabrica- tion print note and asks, "How do you inter- pret this note?" 4 Sensible Design: Top Tips for a Successful Thermal Management Process E Jade Bridges concentrates on some of the complications you are likely to encounter when selecting and applying a thermal interface material and looks a little more closely at thermal resistance, vis- cosity, and vibration, as well as their effects on performance. Read on to learn how to fully opti- mize your thermal management process. Barry Olney Dana Korf Jade Bridges

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