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62 PCB007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2020 When I first started contemplating this col- umn—sharing my experience of how to attract new colleagues, welcome them, train them, and include them in the company's culture and style/methodology of leadership—it hit me hard. This year has been far from normal, and it has taught me a lot about myself, the colleagues I am honored to represent, and our company during unprecedented times. Here, I'll share how "doing a little extra" often can change a lot. Have You Identified the Correct Core and Soul of the Company? Previously, one might have thought of the en- tity "the company" as the core and soul of the organization; however, these last few months have reminded me that this is not the case. It's the team of colleagues which is "the compa- ny," and only together will individual contri- butions result in a larger output than separate efforts. One can have big thoughts, ideas, per- spectives, and visions, but bringing these to life requires the devoted attention of many col- leagues and a wide array of experiences. Sim- ply put, the team that cooperates best will win, and the only competitor a company really has is itself. Why am I writing this when the topic is staff- ing? Without the correct staffing, your compa- ny will not flourish. To succeed, one requires a team of colleagues with a high degree of re- sponsibility, pride, and dedication toward the company. The fanciest leadership strategies will lead to failure and dissociated colleagues. How to Welcome Newbies and Engage Employees During a Pandemic Since January 2020, we have welcomed four new colleagues to Elmatica; some started just before the pandemic erupted, and others be- gan during the first and second waves. How could we ensure that they felt welcome and in- cluded when there were distancing guidelines? Transparency and clear goals and expecta- tions are a good first start. Allowing and ac- tively supporting your colleagues to welcome, include, and train your new colleagues is a Leading by Going the Extra Mile The PCB Norsemen by Didrik Bech, ELMATICA Figure 1: Didrik Bech dressed as a monkey on Halloween to visit colleagues working from home and deliver cupcakes.

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