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64 PCB007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2020 good second step. What may be most impor- tant is giving the new colleague the freedom and encouragement to fail, learn, and ask any question of anybody. Remember, training dur- ing the circumstances we have experienced this year has no precedence. Keeping and developing the company cul- ture during a pandemic and including new members at the same time has demanded ex- tra internal focus. Imagine starting a new po- sition just weeks before the world shut down. The emotion of being abandoned is not hard to imagine. With openness and transparen- cy, we have tried to avoid this through train- ing online, setting no limit for reaching out to colleagues asking for help, and ensuring extra room for failure. We developed online social events for em- ployees, provided breakfast delivery, and I even dressed like a monkey on Halloween, handing out cupcakes to every colleague at their door- steps. When times are challenging, lead by go- ing that extra mile, and do not ask from others what you are not willing to do yourself. During my career, I have had the pleasure of hiring many great colleagues. Here are the key learning points. First, the hiring process is something one should take very seriously; the cost of failure is severe for both the company and the candidate. As with most things in life, it takes two to tango, and the same goes when hiring. Second, it's not just about finding the right candidate for you; it's equally important for the candidate to find their match with the company. This is something I strongly empha- size during an interview process. It needs to be a good fit, which is a two-way street. This is when values, goals, and company culture en- ter the arena. The Most Important Thing Any CEO Can Bring to the Table Recently, we planned for a motivational speech by a psychologist to talk about simi- larities, differences, and strengths among col- leagues. After talking with them, we conclud- ed that the most important thing any CEO can bring to a company is culture. This is why it is vital to incorporate new colleagues with the company's culture as quickly and diligently as possible, as it represents the heart and soul of the organization. When I took over the helm after Elmatica's former CEO Arild Bakke, one thing he asked was, "What are your thoughts about company culture? Our people and I have worked togeth- er for a long time, and it is vital that you main- tain and further strengthen our family cul- ture." Luckily, the aspect of family culture rep- resents the type of culture I was already con- nected with. Education is a foundation, and experience is important, but what the compa- ny culture represents is key. Ask, "What cul- ture do you represent?" Staffing Challenges Staffing, or the process of finding the right candidate for the right position, involves en- suring that the individual has the necessary skills or the ability to be trained to acquire those skills and qualifications. We are indis- putably addressing one of the key elements to allow your company to develop on a business and, more importantly, a cultural level. Which Figure 2: Didrik Bech giving John Steinar, one of The PCB Norsemen, a surprise visit.

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