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74 PCB007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2020 Insulectro to Host OEM Forum 'Accelerate Development With Accurate Design Data' E Insulectro, a distributor of materials for use in the printed circuit board and printed elec- tronics industries, hosted an OEM FORUM on Thursday, November 5, at 11:05 a.m. Pacific. The topic was "Accelerate Development With Accurate Design Data." New DuPont Kapton Polyimide Film Addresses Impact of Faster Voltage Rise on Motor Insulation E DuPont Interconnect Solutions, a unit of Du- Pont Electronics & Imaging, announced the re- sults of a recent research study that show Kap- ton® ECRC polyimide film provides an eight- fold improvement over standard polyimide films for insulating the conductors found in high-performance traction motors designed for the e-mobility market. MacDermid Alpha Releases CircuEtch 200 Anisotropic Final Etch for SAP, mSAP E MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, a global leader in specialty materials for electron- ics, announced the release of CircuEtch 200, a high-performance anisotropic final etch for cir- cuit formation in semi-additive and modified- semi-additive processes (SAP/mSAP) utilized in IC substrate and substrate-like HDI manu- facturing. IPS Expanding to Accommodate Growing Market E I-Connect007 Publisher Barry Matties recently had the opportunity to visit IPS in their Cedar City, Utah, facility, where Mike Brask, founder and president of IPS, shared his business strat- egy and a tour of the expanding manufactur- ing facility. IPS produces a wide range of PCB manufacturing equipment, including plating, DES, VCM, VRPs, ventilation, and spare parts for older equipment. Exception PCB Purchases Ledia Direct Imager From Ucamco E Exception PCB, one of the largest dedicated time and technology PCB manufacturers in the U.K., has purchased a Ledia Direct Imager from Ucamco with great satisfaction of all par- ties involved. Elekonta Marek Opts for Solder Resist From Peters E Elekonta Marek has opted for a Peters solder resist. The German manufacturer of high-tech boards counts on the advantages of the two- pack solder resist from series Elpemer 2467. As Elekonta is a prototype manufacturer for the automotive industry, the cooperation is of stra- tegic importance to Peters. Arlon EMD Honors Veterans E Arlon EMD, a specialty electronics material manufacturer based out of Rancho Cucamon- ga, California, supports our military communi- ty globally and shares a sense of pride and re- spect for the men and women who serve. LPKF Showcases New Virtual Showroom E LPKF's new "virtual showroom" offers a fast and informative alternative to face-to-face trade shows or a visit to the company's own demo laboratory for questions related to PCB prototyping. GETECH Launches Largest Fixtureless PCB Router Available Today E Getech Automation launches the latest in its family of inline automated depaneling ma- chines based on the GBR platform.

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