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36 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2021 Feature by Leo Lambert EPTAC CORP. "Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes." —Peter Drucker [1] Why do we train and educate our employ- ees? Here, I will share my perspective based on what is happening in facilities trying to out- source their products, as I see that many com- panies are losing the tribal knowledge of how things are manufactured and the basic skills necessary to physically build a product. The ability to make good decisions is cru- cial for your employees making your products. They must use decisions in knowing which tool to use, how to use that particular tool, how to read the print to remove and replace a compo- nent, and how to make necessary changes so your product works. Regardless of where you are working, there are many decisions to be made and each employee should have enough knowledge about their job to make those deci- sions—no matter how minor the task may seem. In this article, I will explore some fundamen- tal ideas underlying the overarching question, "Why do we train our employees?" Clarifying these key strategies will lead to more effective training and a proper focus on the actual train- ing needs. What Resources Do You Need to Make This Happen? Skill training will require learning new tech- nologies and skills to manufacture new prod- ucts. Companies need to be aware of what is coming so they can prepare the tools to man- ufacture the product. There may be some new techniques or equipment which may be neces- sary to learn as well as provide the ability to make these new products with minimal rework or rejects. Who Are the Skilled Workers? Skilled workers know what they are doing and have the skills to do the job. Don't forget the formula "Ability=Knowledge+Skills." [2] The skilled worker needs to know what to do and what their responsibilities are. Skilled workers The Skilled Worker

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