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76 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2021 1 Siemens and Computrol: Achieving Operational Excellence in Electronics Manufacturing E I-Connect007's Happy Holden and Nolan Johnson speak with Zac Elliott, technical mar- keting engineer at Siemens Digital Industries Software, and Farid Anani, VP of operations at Computrol, about how to achieve operational excellence in electronics manufacturing. 2 SMTA Europe Webinar: What Is a Good Solder Joint, and How Can Solder Joints Be Tested? E What is a good solder joint? How can they be tested not only for purposes of process charac- terisation, optimisation, moni- toring, and control but also for ensuring their long-term reli- ability? Pete Starkey details a webinar organ- ised by the Europe Chapter of SMTA that was presented by Bob Willis, an expert in sol- dering, assembly technologies, and failure analysis. 3 X-Rayted Files: iPhone Transparency —A Window Into SMT E Teardowns are fun, but they have also taught us more than we could have imagined. Mod- ern teardowns provide critical insights into the nature and construction of these devices. As an example, Dr. Bill Cardoso details the his- tory of the iPhone as told through X-ray. 4 Smart Factory Insights: Changing Roles in the Digital Factory E Experts once required to have a knowledge of specialized mate- rials and processes are giving way to those experienced in the application of automated and computerized solutions. Michael Ford describes how it is time to rein- vent the expectations and qualifications that we seek in managers, engineers, and produc- tion operators to attract and support a different kind of manufacturing innovation. Editor's Picks from Dr. Bill Cardoso Michael Ford Bob Willis

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