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JANUARY 2021 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 25 Richard and I plan for a reduction in line- width of approximately 0.3 mil for a controlled impedance line transferring from TTM North America and TTM Chinese sites. If we're start- ing with a 3.0-mil line and the line shrinks by 0.3-mils when it transfers, it can put the design out of the planned site's etching capability. Also, educate yourself and pick your experts wisely. It's easy to fall for a bad expert and get steered down the wrong path if you don't know anything yourself. Holden: The only thing sad about this conver- sation is that in 1980, we had exactly the same issues, and exactly the same problems and feedback. What's discouraging is it's 40 years later and we're still addressing things that are fundamental. Ellis: You're right, Happy, because one size doesn't fit all, and just look at how compli- cated technology has become in that time. Shaughnessy: Thanks for sharing all of this with us, Julie. Ellis: No problem. It's always great talking to you all. Holden: Thank you, Julie. DESIGN007 LG Display, a leading innovator of display technologies, has announced that it will showcase the first 48-inch Bendable Cinematic Sound OLED (CSO) optimized for gam- ing at CES 2021. The 48-inch Bendable CSO display utilizes OLED's advantages as its paper-thin screen bends and unfolds with a curvature radius of up to 1,000R, meaning that it can be made to bend up to a radius of 1,000mm without affecting the function of the display. It can therefore be turned into a flat screen while watching TV and used as a curved screen while gaming. The curved display offers a uniform viewing distance from the middle of the screen to its edge, maximizing the visual immersion that is popular among gamers. In addition, the company's CSO technology enables OLED displays to vibrate and make their own sound without the use of any speakers, offering a vivid sense of reality as if the on-screen characters were talk- ing directly to the viewer. The 48-inch Bendable CSO display's ultra-slim film exciter, which is the part that vibrates the display, has been reduced to a thickness of just 0.6mm from 9mm and therefore allows viewers to enjoy a thinner screen as well as highly impressive sound. OLED technology has recently been gaining attention in the gaming TV market for its superiority, as each pixel emits its own light, offering an infinite contrast ratio. This creates another level of vivid picture quality, along with the seamless experience delivered by a response time of 0.1 milliseconds, a refresh rate of 120Hz per second, and a wide variable refresh rate range from 40Hz to 120Hz. Moreover, for gamers who view screens for an extended period of time, LG Display's OLED displays are particularly suitable because they are known for their eye comfort. (Source: LG Display) LG Display Launches First 48-inch Bendable Cinematic Sound OLED Display

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