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4 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2021 FEATURES: Martyn Gaudion on Stackup Design Considerations Interview with Martyn Gaudion FEATURE COLUMNS: Conquering Layers of Challenges in PCB Stackups by Tim Haag Stackups: Properly Conveying Your Info to the Fabricator by Mark Thompson Stackup Planning: Three Decades of Innovation by Barry Olney FEATURES: TTM's Approach to Stackup Design: Train the Customer Interview with Julie Ellis and Richard Dang The Magnitude of Stackup Considerations by Michael Creeden Seven Tips for Your Next Stackup Design by Eric Bogatin Layer Stackup, Short and Sweet by Cherie Litson OEMs Must Own the Stackup Interview with Bill Hargin JANUARY 2021 • FEATURE CONTENTS Designers routinely say that PCB stackup design is one of their more pressing challenges. With proper communication between the fabricator and OEM, coupled with today's CAD tools' stackup functions, stackup design shouldn't be such a problem. But there's still very little agreement about best practices. This month, we peel back the layers and ask, "Who owns the design stackup?" Stackup Design 58 26 52 68 12 30 36 40 44

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