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JANUARY 2021 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 79 Dr. John Mitchell on IPC APEX EXPO Going Virtual E On Monday, December 14, 2020, Barry Mat- ties and Dr. John Mitchell, IPC president and CEO, discussed the decision to move IPC APEX EXPO to an all-virtual platform. In this inter- view, Dr. Mitchell confirms that IPC is com- mitted to delivering a cutting-edge experience, including a strong technical program, exhibitor and visitor support, multiple keynotes and a wide variety of online networking events. Mat- ties and Mitchell also analyze the challenges for IPC in hosting the show, as well as some of the unique opportunities that a virtual show presents for IPC and attendee alike. EPTE Newsletter: The Printed Circuit Industry in China E Market data provided by the Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA) is very comprehen- sive. Unfortunately, any news or data from the PCB industry in China is not easily accessible. Dominique Numakura provides an update on the printed circuit industry in China based on available market data. Rogers Corporation Appoints Megan Faust, Keith Larson to Board of Directors E Rogers Corporation has announced that its Board of Directors appointed Megan Faust and Keith Larson to serve as members of the Com- pany's Board. ECWC15 Virtual Conference Keynote: 5G PCB Technology and Material Challenges E The second day of the Electronic Circuits World Convention began with a keynote from Dr. Shiuh-Kao Chiang, managing partner of Prismark, describing the PCB technology and material challenges presented by the intro- duction of the fifth-generation cellular wire- less communication network—the roll-out of which was continuing despite the coronavi- rus pandemic. Technical Editor Pete Starkey has more. Batteries and Data Centers E The I-Connect007 team met with electrical engineer Mike Mosman, who has spent the majority of his career designing some of the country's largest data centers. Mike recently sold his engineering company CCG Facili- ties Integration; he is now the vice president of electrical engineering in mission-critical facilities for Morrison Hershfield, and is still designing leading-edge data centers for large internet companies. In this discussion, Mike explains how evolving battery technology and a strong demand are playing a key role in this area and others. Standard of Excellence: Going Public with Your Partner E One aspect of a great partnership with your vendors is to show the world how you are working together. Demonstrating how a great partnership can serve both your companies well and is beneficial to your industry too. Anaya Vardya shares nine ways to go public with your partner. Pacothane on the Future of Laminate Technologies E Nolan Johnson recently spoke with the Paco- thane Technologies team about the current drivers of circuit board technology and how that has influenced and increased their prod- uct development of lamination and lamination assist products.

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