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FEBRUARY 2021 I PCB007 MAGAZINE 61 Train and certify manufacturing employees and support staff to the IPC standards IPC certification is an internationally recog- nized credential that proves an employee's knowledge and skill level. IPC training and certification is industry developed and covers electronic manufacturing quality concerns, in- cluding PCB assembly and soldering, rework and repair, wire and cable harness production, and bare PCB fabrication. Having an IPC-cer- tified workforce demonstrates an attention to detail and commitment to quality. Fill training gaps with customized courses that focus on basic knowledge and skills IPC training and other standardized courses don't cover every aspect of electronics manu- facturing. erefore, it is important to have cus- tomized courses that fill those missed gaps. Ba- sic soldering, ESD, and electronic component identification are just a few examples of the many courses that complement IPC certifica- tion and ensure that your workforce is prepared for any challenges that may come their way. Access tools and resources to assess your workforce and maintain skill levels Assessing your workforce before and aer training is an essential part of a proper man- ufacturing training program. e effectiveness of training and the retention of knowledge gained can be gauged through assessments that are computer-based, interview-based, or audit-based. In addition to assessments, both students and trainers need to have complete access to resource documents and training ma- terials aer training has been completed. Offer self-paced learning for soft and technical skills available anytime Self-paced learning that is delivered in con- sistent, small snippets will have a higher re- tention level than content delivered through other methods. When employees can con- vert non-productive time into learning time, that employee becomes more valuable to the company, and in turn, the company benefits. Self-paced learning for your workforce will in- crease engagement, productivity, and positive morale. Hire U.S. military veterans who have already completed immense training Now more than ever, highly skilled and effi- cient employees are needed in manufacturing. e U.S. military invests an enormous amount of training in our soldiers. ey are equipped with a framework of skills and attributes such as loyalty, integrity, leadership, and excellent work ethic. ey know how to learn new skills quickly and adapt to changing environments, which are highly desirable qualities for manu- facturing. Blackfox is the worldwide leader in providing IPC certification and custom training systems to the manufacturing industry's top companies. Blackfox provides solutions for the manufacturing industry and for veterans seeking employment. Visit us online at Blackfox.com. 1 2 4 5 3

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