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MARCH 2021 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 13 turing, is the ability to utilize more and more data, from many different sources, and from many different vendor solutions, all living on the same interoperable platform. e new IPC-2551 digital twin is intended as a way for- ward in this respect. e artificial tying-in and restriction of customer value based on pro- prietary data and related artificially imposed restrictions, prevent available solutions from expanding their value. is stifles innovation, and imposes repeated costs related to updated or replacement solutions. With a clear differen- tiation in the industry of those companies that do actively participate, and lead, in standards- based data exchange vs. others who continue to seek to profit from taking advantage of data exchange restrictions, the choices available to those investing in smart technology should be clear. SMT007 Michael Ford is the senior director of emerging industry strategy for Aegis Software. Ford is also an I-Connect007 columnist. Click here to read Smart Factory Insights. with our environment. Some even say that our actions are predestined, that we as people are also responding predictably to stimuli experi- enced in everyday life, albeit rather complex. What makes us and other higher forms of life different, however, is the degree of curiosity. People appear to have a will to think, which manifests as wanting to try new things, mea- suring the results, and learning from the result. But is curiosity still simply a result of getting data, making an analysis, and taking an action? As more and more data is shared between shop-floor entities, including inter-operability between solutions, making algorithms more and more sophisticated, will we at some point create artificial curiosity? Instead of the AIQ scale, we may want to consider a CQ scale, as we create the essence of real intelligence. Conclusion In the selection of smart technology, be it Industry 3.0 hardware automation, Industry 4.0 soware automation, or preferably both together, the ultimate potential benefit as we create and evolve the sentience of manufac- In Our Industry, the Whole is Truly Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

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