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24 SMT007 MAGAZINE I MARCH 2021 map suppliers into technologies, and eliminate irrational sourcing decisions. By incorporating the standard results into our corporate quote model, our company has significantly lowered costs, both by helping to get each board to the right supplier and by reducing failure rates during development, in production, and in the field. Using PCQR 2 , the company screens for suppliers that can deliver consistent quality utilizing statistical process control (SPC) to monitor and con- trol their process variables, filtering out those that rely on specific employees for temporary success. In addition, the company can track PCQR 2 performance trends from submission to sub- mission, allowing for the obser vation and correlation of capability advancement with improving equipment and processes. Using this data, the company can then push our supply base by challenging them to build higher-technolog y PCQR 2 samples when ready, which, in turn, moves them higher in the quote model and leads to more quoting opportunities and higher revenue. Feature by Al Block, Naji Norder, and Chris Joran NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS Editor's Note: A paper updating the IPC- 9151D standard will be part of the IPC APEX EXPO 2021 technical program. We are publish- ing this precursor paper in coordination with the updated research to be shared during the conference. Abstract In a global market, it is oen difficult to deter- mine the best PCB suppliers for your tech- nology needs, while also achieving the low- est costs for your products. Considering each PCB supplier has their own niche in terms of equipment, process, and performance, uni- form test data from the IPC-9151D Process Capability, Quality, and Relative Reliability (PCQR 2 ) Benchmark Test Standard can help find the right source for the board based on its specific technology requirements. By using a data-based approach to vendor selection, this can remove the subjective nature of sourcing, reduce the need for PCB process experts to PCB Sourcing Using PCQR 2

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