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MARCH 2021 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 55 CFX v1.4? What's next is partially up to you. Feel free to contribute ideas to the CFX commit- tee and A-team, including the direct submis- sion of code. Discussion for v1.4 includes the ability for CFX to facilitate the secure trans- fer of design data in IPC-2581 format between design centers, digital manufacturing engi- neering solutions, and directly to machines themselves, for advanced, faster, and more accurate machine programming, as well as direct DFX feedback. Also up for discussion is the enhancement of messages for automated production logistics using AMRs (automated material handling). Another discussion is the "CFX Flight Recorder," which will save a copy of every CFX message, such that in the future, when additional smart manufacturing so- ware is available, there is a history of data that can be replayed with which the "AI" compo- nent of the soware can learn. Keep in Touch I would recommend that anyone interested in CFX join the IPC CFX committee. ere is no charge or membership fee to do so. IPC is a purely industry consensus-based stan- dards organization, with all work done by vol- unteers. No commitment is necessary; many committee members are happy to just follow what is going on, and be kept up to date with CFX news as it happens. Be a part of the Indus- try 4.0 manufacturing evolution. SMT007 Michael Ford is the senior director of emerging industry strategy for Aegis Software. Ford is also an I-Connect007 columnist. Click here to read Smart Factory Insights. What to Expect from IPC APEX EXPO 2021

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