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MARCH 2021 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 99 5 5 Keys to Smart Process Success E In a truly connected factory, an ongoing continuous dia- log between machines, busi- ness processes, suppliers and customers is happening in the background. is dialog is not only interactive, but proactive, as a constant stream of real-time data is tweaking and adjust- ing processes to drive improvement. 6 Global Connections: The Process of Overmolding E In cable assembly, overmolding is the addition of various plastic coatings to seal and protect the connector and the harness. An injection die molding procedure is used, in single or multiple steps. e injected material is usually a thermo- plastic elastomer; rigid first to seal and lock in the connector, then if a second overmolding is required, usually a flexible material to provide strain relief and or locking tabs. 7 X-Rayted Files: The Year of 2020 Vision E What else can we say about 2020 that hasn't been said? We have so much to reflect on, both to mourn and to be thankful for. e global pandemic has made an indelible mark on us all, and we, like everyone else, are changed forever. With the year behind us, and light at the end of the tunnel, we take a moment to look back as well as look forward. 8 Webinar Review: Implementing Digital Twin Best Practices E I-007e recently released a highly informative series of short webinars called Implement- ing Digital Twin Best Practices from Design rough Manufacturing presented by indus- try expert Jay Gorajia, the director of Siemens Global Digital Manufacturing Services. e webinar is an excellent overview of how data that is generated using a digital twin model can be effectively utilized to improve business exe- cution using the Siemens tool suite. 9 Zulki's PCB Nuggets: Take a Deep Dive Into U.S. Medical Device Production E ere are new angles emerg- ing for medical OEMs to con- sider in order to keep pro- duction in the U.S. versus overseas. e foremost think- ing (biggest challenge) associ- ated with those angles focuses on whether the product can be produced cost effectively in a timely fashion, so it's distributed in the supply chain for a given medical device OEM. J One World, One Industry: Join Us for IPC APEX EXPO—Virtually E In person or online, our goal is to maintain IPC APEX EXPO's position as the premier event for the electronics industry by providing far- reaching insights and ideas. e challenge we face to provide a premier networking event is also an opportunity for growth. For the latest news and information, visit Subscribe to our newsletters or premium content at my I-Connect007. Steve Williams Zulki Khan

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