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36 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I MARCH 2021 To keep ourselves entertained during the lockdowns of the pandemic, my wife and I have been watching some older detective shows that we never fully explored before. Character- driven shows like Monk and Psych are not only a lot of fun to watch, but they oen present some great mysteries for the viewer to partici- pate in. I have always loved a good detective story and have read many cases from the pages of the Hardy Boys to Sherlock Holmes. ank- fully, this isn't the waste of time that it may sound like; it has actually been good training for one of the most difficult challenges in life— raising children. ese scenarios may sound familiar: "Where are my shoes?" "I don't remember bring- ing home my homework." "No, I don't know how the lamp got broken." And my personal favorite, "I don't know how my brother got a black eye; my hand must have slipped." Mys- teries like these take a lot of sleuthing skills, even if we didn't successfully solve every puz- zle. Case in point: Once when moving an old, large TV away from the wall we found a nau- seating pile of degrading bio-material behind it. Ewwwww. We had no idea what this mess was or why it was there until years later when our adult children finally came clean about it. When my wife would give them their vitamins in the morning, they would wait until her back was turned, pull the pills out of their mouths, and then chuck them behind the TV. Even though we failed to solve the mystery of the mucilaginous, malodorous mound, our detective training did help us solve many other riddles and enigmas that are common when raising children. I have also found that this art of deduction has served me well in the work Mysteries of Incoherent Information Tim's Takeaways Feature Column by Tim Haag, FIRST PAGE SAGE

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