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40 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I MARCH 2021 into your design tools, while you can send back the completed design files for manufacturing. No longer do you have to be concerned if all the necessary data has been compiled and transferred, because the tools are automatically doing that for you. We've been talking about different ways to manage the data supply line to ensure that the data you receive is accurate and ready to be used. But it is perhaps even more important to make sure that you are sending out information and data that is just as pristine. It never hurts to look in the mirror and make sure that the standards we expect from others are the same as what we are applying to ourselves. I know I've discovered that when I keep up my end of the data supply line, those that I work with tend to do the same. Until next time, then, my fellow mystery lovers, detectives, and sleuths… keep on designing. DESIGN007 Tim Haag writes technical, thought-leadership content for First Page Sage on his longtime career as a PCB designer and EDA technologist. To read past columns or contact Haag, click here. New video from NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance rover chronicles major milestones during the final minutes of its entry, descent, and landing (EDL) on the Red Planet on Feb. 18 as the spacecraft plummeted, parachuted, and rocketed toward the surface of Mars. A microphone on the rover also has provided the first audio recording of sounds from Mars. NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover Provides Front-Row Seat to Landing, First Audio Recording of Red Planet

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