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MARCH 2021 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 91 5 Lightning Speed Laminates: Things to Consider When Creating a Circuit Material Library E A circuit material library for the fabricator can be advan- tageous for multiple reasons. Sometimes these libraries are intended to be used for electri- cal predictions, such as imped- ance, insertion loss or other issues. Other times the information found in the circuit material libraries are used to assist with thermal issues, potential reliability concerns, circuit construc- tion stackups and some processing issues. 6 Footprints: A Distributor's Perspective E No issue on footprints and library management would be com- plete without input from a com- ponent distributor. I recently interviewed Geof Lipman of Octopart; as director of opera- tions for part data, he's one of the brains behind the entire site. Geof explains how Octopart functions and manages millions of component data points, and he also discusses the current landscape of electronic components. 7 Elementary, Mr. Watson: The Printed Circuit Board Design E John Watson addresses continuous improve- ment by examining the PCB design process. 8 Customers Experience Speed Increases of up to 80% on PCB Designs Using Pulsonix 11.0 E Pulsonix has announced the release of Pulso- nix version 11.0, which offers significant speed improvements by using the latest technologies available, as well as the introduction of new functionality for high-speed designs. 9 Beyond Design: Stackup Planning— Three Decades of Innovation E Materials used for the fabri- cation of multilayer PCBs, absorb high frequencies and reduce edge rates thus putting the materials selection process under tighter scrutiny. Ensur- ing that your board's stackup and impedances are correctly configured is a good basis for sta- ble product performance. J Seven Tips for Your Next Stackup Design E Rarely do we have the luxury of designing a board just for con- nectivity. When interconnects are not transparent, we must engineer them to reduce the noise they can generate. is is where design for signal integrity, power integ- rity and EMC—collectively high-speed digital engineering—are so important. Eric Bogatin offers seven tips for stackup design. for the latest circuit design news and information. focuses on the rapidly growing flexible and rigid-flex circuit market. Eric Bogatin Geof Lipman John Coonrod Barry Olney

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