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102 I-CONNECT007 I REAL TIME WITH... IPC APEX EXPO 2021 SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE Nolan Johnson and Happy Holden talk with Sarah Czaplewski, whose team at IBM won the Best Technical Paper award at this year's IPC APEX for "Signal Integrity, Reliability, and Cost Evaluation of PCB Interlayer Crosstalk Reduction." Nolan Johnson: Sarah, you and your team were selected as the best technical paper for IPC APEX 2021. Would you be so kind as to start us off with an introduction to your team? Sarah Czaplewski: Sure. ere are three of us on the paper. Besides myself, there is Junyang Tang and Roger Krabbenho. Junyan Tang is an IBM signal integrity engineer based in Aus- tin, Texas, and was primarily responsible for the signal integrity modeling and analysis por- tion of the paper. Roger Krabbenho is an IBM STSM and lead PCB technologist located in Rochester, Minnesota. Roger contributed the PCB supplier cost and yield impact section and suggested the items we evaluated as part of the IBM PCB roadmap. I am a PCB qualification and reliability engineer, and I was responsible for the reliability portion of the paper. Johnson: What motivated this research? IBM Awarded Best Technical Paper at IPC APEX 2021 Sarah Czaplewski

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