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30 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2021 applications entering the market. Demand has risen for higher performance and greater reliability in products with the added require- ment of making electronics more discreet to fit into more challenging locations and environ- ments. Let's explore some of the reasons why the market is growing. Is product performance or product reliability deemed most important by manufacturers when producing their products for market? Both! It depends on the product in most cases. For example, everyone will want their product to perform the best, but each prod- uct will have a different expected lifetime. For something with a small turnaround time, i.e., a device that is expected to be updated every one to two years, the performance of that prod- e ongoing trend for product miniaturisa- tion combined with more modern, higher- powered devices has ensured that reliable thermal management is an essential part of both modern and future electronics design. e LED lighting market is just one example of where thermal management is critical to the durability of the unit. ermal management products are also offering solutions for greater efficiency in green energy development; pho- tovoltaic inverters, which are known to be par- ticularly sensitive to temperature; connections between the heat-pipe and water storage tank for solar-heating applications; hydrogen fuel cells; and wind power generators. Is the thermal management market grow- ing now? Yes, it certainly is, due to the ever- increasing number of electronic devices and Growth and Trends in the Thermal Management Market Sensible Design by Jade Bridges, ELECTROLUBE

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