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38 PCB007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2021 In our concentration on continuous im- provement, we should look at the order of things. Efficiency comes from streamlining processes, effective training, and the ability to monitor success through KPIs and feedback on deliverables. Most companies are familiar with or have implemented Quality Management Systems (QMS). Continuous improvement is a key fac- tor in all quality programs. You simply can- not improve if you don't know where you are! ere are many tools out there to review and monitor efficiency. Honestly, the most effec- tive process is one that provides maximum output with minimal effort or cost, right? "Lean and mean" is the way to go and to get there we need to get Lean. One of the best tools available to gauge and review processes and work areas is the 5S discipline. is process, developed in Japan, provides two frameworks: one by Osada, the other by Hiroyuki Hirano. Both follow the steps of the discipline but the compressed "4S" model combines "Set in Order" and "Shine" into one step. I've been involved in many 5S workshops and it can be applied to the simplest of tasks as well as to large multi-faceted departments. Let's get Lean! Sort (seiri) is fundamental step begins the process. As I mentioned, we cannot improve unless we know where we are. Take a "bird's eye" view of the task, workspace, or process. Look at the flow, tools, equipment, tables, chairs, etc. Decide what items are absolutely needed. Re- move items that are redundant, unnecessary, or distracting. What we are trying to do here is simplify the task or process utilizing space and increase safety by eliminating distractions and possible hazards. Set in Order (seiton) Now that we know all we need for the task or process, we need to review it for efficiency. is can be placement of equipment, desks, tools, and other such items necessary. Look at the flow and optimize as necessary. is should consider distance movements, ergo- A Point of Order—Do Not Just Rearrange the Pencils Testing Todd by Todd Kolmodin, GARDIEN SERVICES USA Figure 1: The 5S model.

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