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42 PCB007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2021 So, your company got its act together. ey bought the right equipment, increased their technology to the highest level—the cutting, nay, the bleeding-edge level. All the right play- ers are in place. You are now poised to be among the best, most elite of the PCB compa- nies in the world. Now what do you do? How do you market a company like yours? How do you sell the best? First, don't waste your time telling people you are the best. You cannot run around brag- ging that your company is the best; do that and you'll just be one of the crowd. Every compa- ny says they are the best, whether they are or not. Nobody brags about being "pretty good" or "no worse than anyone else." In the words of the inimitable Dr. House (from the Fox televi- sion show House), "Everybody lies." And when Selling for the Best you are dealing with purchasing people who are incentivized by how much money they can save their company, their justification for buy- ing from the lowest-priced company is to hide behind the age-weary comment, "All of you are exactly alike, so I just chose the one who had the cheapest price." An absurd statement, and a true testament to sheer laziness on their part. How many people do you know who walk around bragging about living in the cheap- est house, driving the cheapest car, buying the cheapest food, dressing in the cheapest clothes, and going to the cheapest doctors, ending up in the cheapest casket, at the cheap- est funeral home, buried in the cheapest part of the cheapest cemetery? So, don't play that game when you are mar- keting and selling for the best you have to It's Only Common Sense Feature Column by Dan Beaulieu, DB MANAGEMENT

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