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66 SMT007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2021 move from the OEM to EMS companies, and we will need to be more flexible and agile at meeting our customers' demands, not just in some manufacturing base, but anywhere that they want to move production; we must have systems in place to manage that. If I'm an EMS company, they may say, "I want you to build over here now, but you'd better build it exactly the same way you were building it in this spot." Especially when you compare OEM manu- facturing vs. contract manufacturing (but it applies to both), they want to be able to deliver the same product regardless of where it's built, and they want to be able to shi something quickly and build it somewhere else. I think that's why smart factory trends have accelerated; I've noticed in Europe and lately in the U.S., you're getting some manufactur- ing moving back to North America and they are looking at those capabilities, saying, "Yes, we're getting some manufacturing back here, but we want to keep it here," so we have to be just as agile about how we can manufacture. at's where these smart factory trends create the ROI; then I can say, "Here's the best way to manage that and compete against these lower cost manufacturing locations." Process Control in Solder and Reflow Interview by Nolan Johnson I-CONNECT007 Nolan Johnson speaks with KIC's Miles Moreau to get his perspective on topics such as wave process inspection (WPI), wave solder, and vacuum reflow, and how they will fit into Industry 4.0 and smart factories. Nolan Johnson: Miles, as general manager for EMEA, Americas, and Australia, you're watch- ing what's going on in business around the globe. What are the general market trends? Miles Moreau: e market trends I'm seeing— and it's been interesting the way some of this has progressed—is a change of what makes the most sense to effectively, from a global econ- omy standpoint, produce and deliver product for the OEMs. People say, "We can do it over here in Asia—specifically in China—very effec- tively, and at a very low cost," but then you start to see these disruptions, and that mind- set has changed. at was just magnified by the pandemic, to where the market trends are localizing dis- tribution points and manufacturing. Now you

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