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4 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2021 FEATURES PCB Design Challenges: Designing With DDR Interview with Rick Hartley and Barry Olney The Top Five Reasons Products Fail EMI Testing by Kenneth Wyatt Planning and Communication: Key to Optimizing Your Design Time by Chris Young My Ongoing Journey Toward DFM by Kelly Dack Meeting the Challenge With Design Reuse by Stephen V. Chavez FEATURE COLUMN My Top Six Design Challenges by Mark Thompson MAY 2021 • FEATURE CONTENTS It's safe to say that there is no Number 1 PCB design challenge; it's more like a multiverse of problems, to borrow a term from Marvel's movie franchise. So, this month, we asked a select group of expert designers and design engineers to discuss some of the many ongo- ing problems that they face with each design. Top Design Challenges 12 22 46 56 76 40 22 12 46

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