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50 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2021 stating your specific need. As your project moves forward, you notice your purchase req- uisition has not been approved and all inqui- ries indicate it is and has been at the desk of the vice president of your organization for some time now. Why has it not been signed? You were very specific about what you needed and why. e reason: You did not communicate to your VP in a way that VPs make decisions. A lot of companies use key performance indica- tors (KPI) at higher levels of management to measure the status of a project. A vice presi- dent is typically responsible for general over- sight of multiple projects and company ini- tiatives and typically uses KPIs to help make decisions. Two common KPIs are the sched- ule performance index (SPI) and cost perfor- mance index (CPI). I suggest having justifica- tions that are relevant to the stakeholders from whom you are seeking approval. You have to speak their language, so to speak. A justification for a purchase requisition requesting approval from your direct manager, director, and vice president may look more like the following: "Purchase of a logic analyzer is needed to verify FPGA design requirements on project X. Purchase and delivery of this item is needed by mm/dd/yyyy to maintain projected project SPI and will not affect project CPI as it is a planned expense. Please see attached refer- ences to capital expenditure approval list, item number TBD and project schedule X." In conclusion, optimizing design time is about effectively managing internal and exter- nal elements of the design process. It is a jour- ney about self-improvement and becoming more influential. Don't forget to bring your maps, compass and a handy-dandy metal detector. DESIGN007 Chris Young is owner/lead engineer of Young Engineering Services LLC and chief hard- ware engineer at The Goebel Company. Canon Medical is bringing the power of acces- sible artificial intelligence (AI) for improved image quality to more patients with expanded clinical indi- cations for 3T MR. Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) Deep Learning Reconstruction (DLR) can now be used for 96% of all procedures using the Vantage Galan 3T MR system, expanding from previously FDA-cleared brain and knee indica- tions to a vastly larger number of clinical indications, from prostate to shoul- ders, including all joints, cardiac, pel- vis, abdomen and spine. AiCE was trained using vast amounts of high-quality image data, and features a deep learning neural network that can reduce noise and boost signal to quickly deliver sharp, clear and distinct images, allow- ing clinicians to boost image quality, performance, productivity and throughput on a whole new scale. "With this expansion of AiCE, Canon Medical now offers advanced AI technology on its 1.5T and 3T MR systems," said Mark Totina, managing director, MR Business Unit, Canon Medical Systems USA Inc. As part of the original AiCE Challenge, radiologists and technologists were asked if they could tell the difference between images taken on the Van- tage Orian 1.5T system using AiCE with standard 3T MRI images with the same acquisition pro- tocol for both scanners. Half of the time respondents had difficulty differentiating between 3T images without AiCE and Orian 1.5T images with AiCE applied. This next phase of the challenge will focus on body imaging, where the previous challenge focused on brain and knee images. (Source: Business Wire) Canon Medical Expands AI-Based Image Reconstruction Technology

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