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MAY 2021 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 63 Rooting Out an 'Us vs. Them' Mentality: An Interview with Laura Kriska E Earlier this year, I-Connect007 columnist Dan Beaulieu submitted a book review on "e Business of WE: e Proven ree-Step Pro- cess for Closing the Gap Between Us and em in Your Workplace." As a follow up to that review, Dan has interviewed the book's author, Laura Kriska. I-Connect007 Releases Special Annual Show & Tell Magazine E I-Connect007 is proud to announce the release of our special 2021 edition of Real Time with... IPC APEX EXPO 2021 Show & Tell Magazine. is unique publication provides you with in- depth coverage of this year's virtual IPC APEX EXPO 2021. EPTE Newsletter: Ten Years After Fukushima E Dominique Numakura remembers back to the devastating earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster in Japan 10 years ago and what that has meant for him and his country. Scientists con- tinue to ponder when it will happen again. Punching Out: 'If I Were 20 Years Younger' E We hear a lot of business owners say, "If I were 20 years younger, I would…," mean- ing they would make major investments or strategic changes if they had the time to real- ize the return on investment. Other reasons for not making investments are the lack of funds, lack of energy, etc. However, we feel that the return on investments does not always take as much time, money, and energy as owners think. Technical Conference—Balancing Conventional and Disruptive Technologies E I thought the three keynotes given by IPC President and CEO John Mitchell, Industry Week Editor-in-Chief Travis Hessman, and IPC Chief Economist Shawn DuBravac, were spot on. ey all spoke to the fact that the way products are conceived, designed, manufac- tured, and used is changing rapidly. While the keynotes had different focus areas, I noted an important similarity—they all underscored the need for increased industry collaboration to help bring the factory and supply chain of the future to life. Trouble in Your Tank: Process Defect Anomalies, Part 1—The Case of Etch Resist Attack E Troubleshooting process related defects is not as simple an exercise as we would like to believe. e PWB fabrication process is a com- plex set of mechanical and chemical processes containing multiple steps. When even one of the process steps is not in control, end results can be disastrous. For now, the author presents a view of some defects that at first glance the origins are not obvious. Testing Todd: Homing in on the Target E Although electrical testing provides a benefi- cial safeguard against an electrically inferior product reaching a customer, it does require adherence to critical processes.

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