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64 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2021 By Pol Ghesquiere, SIEMENS TECHNOLOGY, and Oren Manor, SIEMENS SOFTWARE e new soware-as-a-service tool named PCBflow ™ was created with the intent to reduce the number of iterations between the designer and the PCB fabricator, supporting the deliv- ery of first-time-right designs. is cloud- based tool requires no installation and hard- ware. Designers can upload ODB++Design and IPC-2581 files into the secure cloud envi- ronment (additional formats are expected to be supported in the future) and select one or more manufacturers to apply process capabili- ties to the DFM analysis. Users are then guided through design violations, providing an inter- active, web-based analysis and a downloadable PDF report for sharing. Because specific knowledge about the man- ufacturers' processes is integrated into the soware, designers can run DFM analysis on specific manufacturing constraints at any point during product development. e combina- tion of being able to run DFM earlier in the process and easily working with a capable Analyzing Complex High-Density PCBs With Online DFM manufacturer allows the production of better new products more quickly. For the manufac- turer, design-executed DFM based on specific manufacturing requirements translates into fewer callbacks and higher yields. is soware uses the Valor NPI DFM engine. Manufacturers can publish their DFM profile in a secured account and specify in a controlled way who can access and use their DFM profile. is allows designers to run a DFM analysis against a real manufacturer pro- file that fits their preferences. e manufac- turer's constraint set is stored in their secured account. OEM layout designers upload their design to their secured account to run DFM analysis on a selected manufacturer's profile. Manufacturability violations are sorted and prioritized according to the level of sever- ity to guide the designer through images and locations on the product for easy discovery and immediate correction. e result is fewer, if any, redesigns and the final design is much higher quality, maximizing yield. The system quickly qualifies potential manufacturers based on their competencies

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