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MAY 2021 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 73 nity and help to support definition of measur- able skill sets to complement the PCB industry. If you have caught yourself wondering what you can do to help your designs flow smoothly down the conveyors of both the bare board and assembly manufacturers; if you detect an empty void in your ability to discuss what is required to solve EMI challenges in your design layout before it becomes a significant problem; if you are tired of answering manufacturing queries regarding materials, processes, and documen- tation when they must get clarification; per- haps design training with a certification pro- gram for measurable success is right for you. Many of us who began the PCEA are deeply involved in supporting and teaching the materials and certification programs offered through the IPC. e IPC Certified Intercon- nect Designer (CID) and advanced CID+ pro- grams have been around for a long time and have served as the electronics industry go-to programs for measurable design and manu- facturing knowledge. CID and CID+ certifica- tion is commonly cited as a requirement for a progressive company's PCB designer job post- ings. You can find out more about the IPC CID and CID+ designer certification training programs here. Additionally, the IPC has initiated new, in-depth, hands-on design training pro- gram modules covering introduction to PCB design, advanced packaging, design for rigid- flex boards, design for mil-aero applications, extreme environments, and another on design for micro modules. You can find out more about these training modules here. Recently, some of our own PCEA founders have authored and launched a new Printed Circuit Engineering Designer professional development program as a comprehensive curriculum specifically for the layout of printed circuit boards. e five-day course is being offered online by EPTAC corporation, can be scheduled in the day or evening, and includes a comprehensive textbook. e program helps to prepare a student to become a candidate for optional certification as a Certified Printed Circuit Designer (CPCD.) e PCEA is happy to have been selected as the certifying body for this new Printed Circuit Engineering Designer program. You can find out more about this program here. All these programs aim to help those of us in printed circuit engineering to see what is possi- ble, what is missing, and how to adjust accord- ingly for continued PCB engineering success. Message from the Chairman by Stephen Chavez, MIT, CID+ is month, I'm excited about our positive member- ship growth along with new PCEA chapters being estab- lished both domestically and internationally. As our chap- ters gain momentum in 2021, educational materials continue to be the driving force bringing both existing and new members together, as well as creating excitement, posi- tive energy, and member interactions. We con- tinue to gain sponsorships and industry affilia- tions that add to the overall PCEA collective. ese gains add to the strength of the PCEA collective and, more specifically, with our new educational content. Local PCEA chapters are collaborating with our industry sponsors to offer outstanding educational content to their respective local members and to those mem- bers who have chosen to be affiliated virtually with those respective chapters. As we integrate and collaborate with our sponsors over these next few months, we will be rolling out more educational content. As per our mission statement of "Collaborate, Educate, and Inspire," this collaboration allows us to bring to the table even more outstanding educational content for anyone involved in printed circuit engineering; they can "feast" as they see fit. We continue to remain in the virtual world as many industry events remain online. Unfor- tunately, some major industry events have simply cancelled and will not take place. PCB

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