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74 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2021 East, another "hot" event, is currently set for an in-person event, but time will tell if it holds true, moves into the virtual world, or simply gets cancelled. PCEA will have some presence as several members will either attend or be active participants. Time will tell as these next few months unfold. Even still, we are in full stride as we serve up awesome online virtual chapter events. Our education committee works to provide great industry content, so watch our website for new content and new activities for 2021. If you have anything to do with printed cir- cuit engineering, I highly recommend you get involved with and join the PCEA collective. is industry waits for no one and it evolves so quickly, so keeping your skill set and education up to date and relevant is key to your career success. It's important to stay on point and con- tinue your professional development. By join- ing the PCEA collective, your percentage of long-term professional development increases significantly. We each control our own destiny and how our careers unfold. As one of my long- time mentors told me early in my career: "You are your own best investment. You will only be as good as how much you invest in your- self. It is your responsibility alone, and no one else's, to continue to grow and develop as you strive to achieve success in your career." So, with that said, I highly recommend you take advantage of the PCEA collective and all it has to offer; it can potentially set you up with a better opportunity for success. Refer to our column and the PCEA website,, to stay current on up-and-coming industry events. ere are many free webinars, so take advantage of these opportunities. If you have not yet joined the PCEA collective, I highly encourage you to do so. I wish everyone and their families health and safety. Best of success to all as we head into the summer months. Warmest Regards, —Steph Next Month Spring has sprung and PCB engineers are on the move. It appears companies are hiring as they seek to fulfill the open positions le by those laid off earlier in the year or those who have relocated out of the busy cities. We will take a look at the hiring scene and see how some PCEA engineering folks are emerg- ing from their cocoons and flying off to new opportunities. Upcoming Events Here is a growing list of upcoming events to look forward to. Do your best to follow CDC guidelines and take the precautionary mea- sures—including hand washing, masking and vaccination—to squash the spread of COVID- 19 and its variants. We're still in this together! Del Mar Electronics and Manufacturing June 2–3, 2021 Del Mar Faigrounds, Del Mar, California Zuken Innovation World 2021 Europe: June 8–30 (Virtual) North America: August 4-5 (Virtual) Asia: Date TBD PCB East June 15–17, 2021 CANCELED Marlborough, Massachusetts DesignCon 2021 August 16–18, 2021 San Jose, California SMTA International 2021 November 1–4, 2021 Minneapolis, Minnesota productronica November 16–19, 2021 Munich, Germany PCB Carolina 2021 November 10, 2021 Raleigh, North Carolina

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