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32 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2021 (Editor's note: Indium Corporation's Ronald Lasky continues this series about Maggie Benson, a fictional character, to demonstrate continuous improvement and education in SMT assembly.) It was now just aer Christmas and Millie Johnson was nervous. ere were all sorts of rumors about Benson Electronics (BE) being sold to a venture capital firm, and massive lay- offs were expected. "Gramps" Benson had called for an all-employee meeting, and everyone at the plant expected the worst. Millie's son was a senior in high school, and she was so proud that he got a full scholarship to nearby Ivy Univer- sity. However, there were still many costs not covered by the scholarship and, as a single mom, the thought of losing her job was just too much to take. e meeting started, and Gramps Benson began to speak. "I know there have been a lot of rumors about BE being sold to some venture capital firm…it's not true," Benson began. "My grand- daughter, Maggie, and her fiancé, John, are taking over so me and the missus can retire." ere was an audible sigh of relief among the score of workers. "So, let's see what Maggie and John, the new owners, have to say," he continued. Maggie got up to speak, looking a little more self-assured than she felt. "I would like to start by saying that there will be no layoffs. As a matter of fact, we will be hiring. Also, as of today, everyone gets a 10% raise," Maggie said to the group. e crew erupted in cheers and applause. It was a little hard for Maggie to continue speaking. "We plan on leasing the building next door and adding a prototype line. We have a com- Part 2—Making the Announcement Maggie Benson's Journey by Ronald C. Lasky, Ph.D., INDIUM CORPORATION Maggie Benson

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