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36 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2021 Article by Jasbir Bath [1] , Kentaro Asai [2] , Shantanu Joshi [1] , Roberto Segura [1] KOKI SOLDER AMERICA INC. [1] , LAKE ELSINORE, CA, USA KOKI COMPANY LIMITED [2] , HIKI-GUN, SAITAMA, JAPAN Editor's note: is article/paper was presented at IPC APEX EXPO 2021 and was published in the Proceedings. Abstract Over many years defect analysis has been used at the company to determine the root cause of various defects experienced in the field on electronic products from customers. Based on this work it has been found that around 25% of all case studies have been due to de-wetting issues. De-wetting is an issue with the solder joint where the molten solder and the substrate/ component repel each other during the sol- dering process. Due to this a very weak or no intermetallic bond is formed at the interface aer reflow leading to defective and unreliable solder joints. Case studies in this area will be reviewed based on root cause analysis and countermea- sures to prevent these defects. ese case stud- ies are related to inferior component/board plating quality, contaminated plating on both the PCB as well as the component, foreign object debris (FOD) as a cause of the de-wet- ting of solder, damaged component plating, and improper off-set solder paste printing. e results of the failure analysis are reported. Introduction Electronics products are generally reliable. On occasion, defects occur during the manu- facturing process which require determination of root cause to improve manufacturing yield and reliability. ese defects are sent out to failure analysis laboratories or analyzed inter- nally at the manufacturing company. Solder paste material suppliers are contacted on occasion to provide input into a soldering defect for root cause analysis. Over many years defect analysis has been used at the company to determine the root cause of various defects Failure Analysis Cases Studies on Solder De-Wetting for Electronics Products

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