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50 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2021 Interview by Nolan Johnson I-CONNECT007 Nolan Johnson speaks with Roger Harts about some of the current complications around manufacturing electronics in China and how ICAPE Group works as a vital sup- plier partner to OEMs and companies hoping to manufacture in Asia. Nolan Johnson: Let's do an introduction, Roger. Roger Harts: I am director of ICAPE USA and have been for the last five years. ICAPE USA is a member of ICAPE GROUP which is a global printed circuit board company, also manufac- turing custom-made technical parts. My eleva- tor pitch is that we do business in 70 countries across the world through 19 different sales offices to roughly over 2,500 customers. We deliver 22 million circuit boards a month, and another five million custom-made technical parts. It's a great organization and I'm happy to be part of it. Johnson: How big is ICAPE Group, revenue- wise? Harts: We finished at about $160 million last year. And 2021 is very promising; the first half was a record period for the company. We're substantial, and we're a big player. Johnson: We wanted to focus on ICAPE Group's work in China. Let's start with an overview; what's happening in China for ICAPE Group? Harts: Even though our corporate headquar- ters is in Paris, France, our largest office is in Chang'an, just outside of Shenzhen, where we have over 250 people working in differ- ent departments such as engineering, purchas- ing, laboratory testing, quality, logistics, etc. Because of the pandemic it's very difficult to travel to China, to audit factories and maintain working relationships, but because of the size of our office in China, we can provide those types of services to customers. Prior to the pandemic, we flew in a lot of people to tour facilities and offices, and we worked with them to audit fac- tories as well. Our China office has become a true advantage. In fact, it is the largest office for any company with a similar business model. is means we can be in the factory, boots on the ground, speak the language, and under- ICAPE Group Offers Boots on the Ground Support in Asia Roger Harts, ICAPE USA Director

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