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6 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2021 ARTICLES Failure Analysis Cases Studies on Solder DeWetting for Electronics Products by Jasbir Bath, et. al. ICAPE Group Offers Boots on the Ground Support in Asia Interview with Roger Harts Joe D'Ambrisi Discusses MacDermid Alpha Acquisition of HK Wentworth Interview with Joe D'Ambrisi A Framework for Large-Scale AI-Assisted Quality Inspection Implementation in Manufacturing Using Edge Computing by Feng Xue, et. al. COLUMNS If It Don't Stink... by Nolan Johnson Part 2—Making the Announcement by Maggie Benson Security is Key by Imran Valiani It's Pronounced 'Tooling Hole' by Chris Young SHORTS Rice Lab Uses Laser-Induced Graphene Process to Create Micron-Scale Patterns in Photoresist Increasing Board Complexity Drives the Need for Accurate & Speedy Inspection Physicists Find Novel Way to Switch Antiferromagnetism On and Off Slender Robotic Finger Senses Buried Items NASA Invests $105 Million in U.S. Small Business Technology Development HIGHLIGHTS MilAero007 Electronics News Supplier Top 10 from DEPARTMENTS Career Opportunities I-007e Educational Resource Center Advertiser Index & Masthead 36 50 64 66 8 32 76 80 23 27 47 65 75 30 48 62 84 87 100 101 JUNE 2021 • ADDITIONAL CONTENT 36

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