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64 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2021 tions provider as well. ey are constantly searching for opportunities where their cus- tomers have a specific technological or eco- nomic or quality or productivity challenge. And they innovate solutions specific to those customer challenges to improve their custom- ers' outcomes—to make them more profitable, to make them more productive, to move them to a higher level of technological capability than before. Johnson: How do you see this merger of these entities working together? Of course, in a merger or acquisition you're looking for a new whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Where do you see that happening? D'Ambrisi: at's exactly right, we believe that this combination of companies has a tremen- dous amount of potential in that regard. Our electronics business, MacDermid Alpha Elec- tronic Solutions, has been assembled by com- bining several legacy organizations each with complementary strengths, either from a prod- uct perspective or a geographic perspective. HK Wentworth is one of those companies that provides us with an opportunity to further expand its portfolio offering. Interview by Nolan Johnson I-CONNECT007 Element Solutions' Executive Vice Presi- dent Joe D'Ambrisi speaks with Nolan Johnson about MacDermid Alpha's recent acquisition of HK Wentworth. Joe shares some details on the transaction and outlines the expected ben- efits that come from bringing these two com- panies together. Nolan Johnson: ere has been some merger and acquisition news involving you. Could you tell us about it? Joe D'Ambrisi: Certainly, it'd be my pleasure. First, a little background about Element Solu- tions. I'm sure most people think of us as a specialty chemicals and materials provider to the electronics industry. But what we fundamentally are is a solutions provider. Our recent acquisition of the UK company, HK Wentworth, and its two very strong brands, Electrolube and AF International will expand our portfolio of solutions to the indus- try. What attracted us to HK Wentworth is their very similar philosophy to Element Solu- tions in that they consider themselves a solu- Joe D'Ambrisi Discusses MacDermid Alpha Acquisition of HK Wentworth Joe D'Ambrisi

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