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84 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2021 1 Foundations of the Future: Emerging Engineers Benefit from Mentorship E While the Emerging Engineer Program was traditionally cre- ated for early-career profes- sionals, IPC and the IPC Edu- cation Foundation decided to reserve slots for five qualified student candidates to earn a spot in the profes- sional development and mentorship program. 2 Maggie Benson's Journey: Setting the Stage for Continuous Improvement E Indium Corporation's Ronald C. Lasky has launched this series of columns about Mag- gie Benson, a fictional charac- ter, to demonstrate continuous improvement and education in SMT assembly. 3 X-Rayted Files: Crafting Our 'Next Normal' E So many things that we took for granted as practices and behaviors etched in stone, were interrupted, suspended, or eliminated entirely. As we exit the tunnel into the light of the post-pandemic, we will be challenged col- lectively in craing the next normal. 4 An Inside Look at the IPC Committee Process E As IPC committee meetings were in full effect at this year's APEX EXPO, Nolan Johnson and Barry Matties have a discussion with many of IPC's directors and program managers— Teresa Rowe, Chris Jorgensen, Deb Obitz, John Perry, Andres Ojalill, and Patrick Craw- ford—to gain a better understanding of how committees work. Editor's Picks from Ron C. Lasky Aaron Birney Bill Cardoso

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