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JUNE 2021 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 59 Arlon President Discusses Acquisition by EMC E Arlon President Brad Foster updates Nolan Johnson on EMC's acquisition of Arlon in December 2020. Foster shares the basic struc- ture of the agreement, the long-term stability built into the merger, and outlines how this brings EMC, Arlon, and Technica together as a team. Foster also hints at what we can expect to see from Arlon and EMC in the coming months. Testing Todd: A Point of Order—Do Not Just Rearrange the Pencils! E In our concentration on continuous improve- ment, we should look into the order of things. Efficiency comes from streamlining pro- cesses, effective training, and the ability to monitor success through KPIs and feedback on deliverables. The Right Approach: Leadership 101— The Law of Influence E Good leadership always makes a difference; unfortunately, so does bad leadership. is leadership truth continues as we will be talk- ing about the second of the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, e Law of Influence. Benchmarking Your Process Engineering E In this discussion with the I-Connect007 edi- torial team, Mark ompson shares what's important from a process engineer's point of view, and how to stay on top of evaluating and benchmarking your manufacturing process, along with insights from his role as a designer. Joe D'Ambrisi Discusses MacDermid Alpha's Acquisition of HK Wentworth E Element Solutions' Executive Vice President Joe D'Ambrisi speaks with Nolan Johnson about MacDermid Alpha's recent acquisition of HK Wentworth. Joe shares some details on the transaction and outlines the expected ben- efits that come from bringing these two com- panies together. The PCB Norsemen: Don't Forget AABUS E e most important thing is to know a stan- dard and how to use it. Here is all you need to know about AABUS, what it means, how to handle it, and basically a list of issues that needs AABUS. Catching Up With Gardien's Niraj Patel E Dan Beaulieu says he has always been fascinated by Gardien, especially two particular services they offer. First, they embed their team into a facility and actually take over as the PCB com- pany's expert test center; second, they have a universal quality system to track problems and solutions from all over the world and then keep them in a universal database that can be shared by everyone. Dan recently reached out to Niraj Patel, Gardien's vice president in charge of North America. Lenthor Engineering Adds ESI's GEODE CO2 Microvia Drilling System E Lenthor Engineering, Inc., a California-based designer, manufacturer and assembler of flex and rigid-flex printed circuit boards, has pur- chased ESI's Geode CO2 microvia drilling sys- tem including the optional automated loading and unloading stations.

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