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8 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2021 JUNE 2021 • CONTENTS FLEX007 FEATURE COLUMNS Star Trek Memories by Joe Fjelstad Star Trek's Impact on Innovation by John Talbot HIGHLIGHTS Flex007 FLEX007 SHORTS Cutting the 'Key' to an Unhackable 5G Network Printable Circuits Bring Low-cost, High-performance Wearables a Step Closer This month, our Flex007 contributors look at which electronic marvels from the original Star Trek have come to fruition, which have not, and whether flexible embedded circuits would have been part of the Federation uniforms of 2265. After all, their uniforms did measure and transmit data about each crew member's health—a trick that doesn't seem so far-fetched today. This Month in Flex 96 104 102 100 108 FLEX 96 104

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