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88 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2021 Last month, a group of industry experts met to review and finalize IPC-DR-DES, a PCB Design Desk Reference created to help design- ers and engineers understand the require- ments and critical parameters of IPC design standards. While I have referred to this project in previous columns, it is now in final dra, and I can write about it in more detail. IPC-DR-DES guides its user through key steps in the design process—materials selec- tion, stackup designs, pad stack designs, microvia design, solder mask, via protection, and tolerancing—and highlights where param- eters and requirements can be found for those design steps in other IPC stan- dards. Other industry specifica- tions are also highlighted, where necessary. As a Desk R e f e r e n c e , this docu- ment is only intended to be a tool—a roadmap toward other, more robust standards. As an example, one section of IPC- DR-DES provides an overview of laser-drilled microvia design. ere is a cutaway view of a typical microvia with critical dimensions, and a table listing those parameters and where they can be found. In the case of laser-drilled microvias, there are a few parameters fixed by calculation (which are described elsewhere) and a few defined in IPC-6010. Other parameters are restricted by design decisions made elsewhere, and the table refers the user to those relevant sections in IPC-DR-DES. e document is only 20 pages long in its current form and, if it isn't obvious, is intended to fit snugly on the desk of any designer or engineer designing or building boards to IPC specs. For a designer who is entering the indus- try, especially in emerging markets abroad, the IPC-DR-DES is intended to be a foundational pointer to other standards. For veterans, it can act as a quick-reference guide. I should note that this is not a replace- m e n t f o r t h e I P C - 2 2 3 1 A D F X Guide line, which is a much more robust guideline intended to help companies estab- lish best practices for board design and the sub- s e q u e n t a s s o c i a t e d e n g i n e e r - ing processes: design for test (DFT), design for manufacturing (DFM), etc. e intention is for the IPC-DR- DES to be revised or reaffirmed annually, as it refers to many IPC and industry stan- The IPC PCB Design Desk Reference is on Its Way Design Circuit by Patrick Crawford, IPC

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