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92 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2021 Trial and error is an essential process in the development of new and innovative products, however, excessive testing can be unnecessary and costly. Incorporating thermal manage- ment at the preliminary stage of your design process will ultimately lead to more reliable and cost-effective end products. As a matter of good practice, evaluating thermal perfor- mance in all phases of the design cycle will also confirm any issues early on and help to prevent a costly system-level teardown. is month, I'll be exploring thermal man- agement tips for effective heat dissipation at the design stage as well as examining helpful tools to protect your electronic circuitry. Let's explore some of these key areas in more detail and discuss good design practices that ensure better thermal management. Good Design Practice e following list contains some of the key factors. How important are these and are there additional ones? • Performance data and dimensions of the components • Major heat-dissipating components • Size of the PCB • PCB material, layout, and component placement • Mounting peripherals • Temperature of the application environment • Amount of heat dissipated • Appropriate cooling methods, i.e., cooling fans, heat sink, etc. Thermal Management— Good Design Practice for Heat Dissipation Sensible Design by Jade Bridges, ELECTROLUBE

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