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28 PCB007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2021 Marketing your company is like planting seeds in your garden—with time and care, your business will grow and flourish. e most successful marketers generally find that a strategy combining consistent branding and content marketing is the most effective way to engage with their target market. Engineers today are starved for informa- tion. Whether you are providing young engi- neers with very basic PCB 101 information or appealing to experienced engineers with infor- mation about cutting edge technology, engi- neers and designers are always looking for ac- curate technical information. Here are some of the most effective ways to engage with engineers: Technical articles and white papers: Noth- ing shouts "technology expert" louder than a groundbreaking paper or article about your specific technology. Be sure to present them at industry trade shows and conferences as well. Branding ads: Even if your company is al- ready well-known, daily branding to your tar- get market reinforces your strength and posi- tion in the context of people's daily work lives. Spend time developing your messaging. Avoid tropes like, "on time delivery" and "excellent quality"; create unique, memorable messaging that is consistent with your brand identity. Monthly technical columns: Publish a tech- nical column in a respected industry publica- tion. Writing a good, solid, interesting, and in- formative monthly column highlighting your expertise in a specific technology will put you at the top of the list of experts in your field. Technical expert pages on your website: Your website should be where people come to learn about technology. ere should be in- dividual pages for each of your technologies. Promote your engineers as "experts" in their specific technology. Include links to your col- umns, articles, and white papers. Include live discussion resources. Make your website a true resource for engineers to come and learn. Webinars: Using Zoom and other confer- encing tools, many companies are provid- ing informative webinars to audiences eager to learn. How much time, money, and effort would it take to show customers your presen- tation the old-fashioned way, one at a time? I-007eBooks: e most effective way to promote your company as the true expert in your field is through I-Connect007's book pro- gram. Writing and publishing one of these tar- geted technology books will put your compa- ny and your experts at the very top of the tech- nology ladder. Nothing gives your company more credibility than a third-party published book, especially with I-Connect007. ey put their mighty editing and promotional powers behind the packaging and distribution of your book. Everything about this unique program What marketing techniques are best suited to engage with PCB assembly engineers in 2021 / 2022? A Q

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