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20 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JULY 2021 As the semiconductor chip shortage around the world shows no signs of abating in the imminent future, I was drawn to this head- line: "How Toyota Dodged the Chip Shortage" from Bloomberg Businessweek on April 12. It reported the ways and means that led to Toyo- ta's success in weathering the supply chain dis- ruptions. While its rivals are missing the prod- uct delivery, the company's past experiences that prompted implementation of its contin- gency plan have helped it mitigate the impact of today's global chip shortage on the produc- tion and delivery of cars in the global market- place. Vividly, this is a timely business case as well as a use case to ponder. Under today's dynamic global-macro envi- ronment and the emerging digital manufactur- ing platforms, what will or should change? Regardless of whether the global chip short- age is a result of pandemic or from unantici- pated market supply-demand imbalance, it is warranted to deliberate on solutions to eschew recurring events in the manufacturing sector. One plausible question to ask is, "What are the lessons learned from the success of Toyo- ta's ability to keep its plants humming as other automakers shutter plants?" First, there is value in truly learning from the lesson by effectively taking actions. Toyota's past encounter during the 2011 earthquake-triggered tsunami that wreaked havoc on its production capabilities (including the supply chain disruptions) has brought out its actions in scrupulously examin- ing its supply chain. e company learned the lesson by acting. is time around, the com- pany has benefited tremendously by previous astute actions in implementing a comprehen- sive system throughout its supply chain. In deciphering the supply chain strategy and tactics [1] , in broad strokes, it boils down to six Digital Manufacturing: Just-in-Case or Just-in-Time SMT Prospects & Perspectives by Dr. Jennie S. Hwang, CEO, H-TECHNOLOGIES GROUP

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