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68 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JULY 2021 encouraged Patty to become a professional golfer, but Patty decided against it. On the other end of the phone, Maggie Ben- son was delighted by the invitation; she had another chance to try and beat Professor Cole- man at golf. She had played with her about five times in the past and lost every time. On the golf course, a short time later… Patty just couldn't help herself; she always wanted to win at golf, and she now found her- self one stroke behind Maggie going into the last hole. It wasn't that she was playing poorly; she was one under par, but Maggie was two under. e last hole was a 510-yard par 5. Mag- gie hit first—a beautiful 260-yard drive right down the middle. "Nice drive, Maggie," Patty remarked. (Editor's note: Indium Corporation's Ron Lasky continues this series of columns about Maggie Benson, a fictional character, to demon- strate continuous improvement and education in SMT assembly.) Professor Patty Coleman of Ivy Univer- sity (IU) was excited to see her two best for- mer students, Maggie and John, to help them develop a continuous improvement plan for Benson Electronics (BE). Since both Mag- gie and John were captains of IU's student golf teams, Patty suggested that they might want to play nine holes first. Truth be told, Patty also needed the break; she had been working too hard and golf was one of her favorite pastimes. In fact, both Patty and her husband Rob were top notch golfers. Annika Sörenstam had even SMT Process Optimization Maggie Benson's Journey by Ronald C. Lasky, INDIUM CORPORATION.

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