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JULY 2021 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 37 Eric Bogatin: Yes, the University of Colorado- Boulder does. I teach a class there called "Prac- tical PCB Design and Manufacture." Cherie Litson: ese are few and far between. ere is no official curriculum in any EE pro- gram that addresses these issues. Most col- leges are struggling with being able to fit in all the information that is required by most EEs in our industry now. Plus, they're being pushed to "teach them faster" from all sides. us, the education of PCB manufacturing has gone to the professional industry. PCEA has a course for EEs that will fill this gap. IPC has the CID and CID+ courses that mostly target those who have already done some designs and have found out that they need to know more. Both courses cover similar subjects and taking both is sometimes a good idea. Carl Schattke: Not any that I'm aware of. Many programs will have cool projects to work on that require some PCB design and the new EEs will get a chance to do some of this kind of design. It's rare to have teaching staff knowl- edgeable in this area, and most grads I inter- view seem lacking in the basic skills and lack any advanced skills in this area as well. ere are exceptions, where a project needs boards, and the students learn what not to do as they have to deal with the problems they make for themselves in the design process. at can be a very rewarding experience. Happy Holden: For the last two years, Michigan Technology University has taught a course on PCB fabrication that includes a lab where the students fabricate a 4-layer multilayer board as an elective in their EE program. is next year, they will also offer a PCB design course with a lab. is follows other universities like Harvey Mudd College in California that offered a PCB design course with labs to test the boards they designed for signal integrity. An ad-hoc group has been formed by Marc Carter to assist other universities in starting PCB programs as part of their EE programs. DESIGN007 Do any colleges offer classes on PCB manufacturing and chemical processes as part of their EE programs? Q

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