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38 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JULY 2021 Interview by the I-Connect007 Editorial Team e I-Connect007 Editorial Team spoke with Whizz Systems in the months prior to COVID. As we come out of lockdown, we decided to check in with Muhammad Irfan and Dan Wil- liams of Whizz Systems. In this part of the interview, they discuss Whizz Systems' unique methods for navigating the many handoffs involved in the design and manufacturing process, as well as their drive to educate their customers about this process. ey also share their thoughts on the trends they've seen as a CM working out of Silicon Valley. Barry Matties: Let's start with a quick update on where you are now and how things are going. Muhammad Irfan: Last year, because of COVID, our Q2 had some impact, but right aer that it's been recovering very steadily and growing. As far as general business, we're very blessed that we're doing very well. In terms of our plans and updates, we have replaced some of the equipment. Generally, we try to keep up with the new capability or equipment when we see something out there that we should have. From a setup point of view, we're in good shape. We've added some new equipment, but generally, we are staffed and equipped to deal with any new projects that come in. I'll repaint the oral context of who we're trying to sell and why we are positioned the way we are posi- tioned and how it helps us solve customers' problems. It's not something we have to sell, but customers have problems, and we are tai- loring our setup to solve their challenges. Generally, in our business, in product devel- opment, you have some level of a spec that customers start with, and they have a prod- uct architecture, some level of architecture in mind. From then onward, they're either using internal resources to do some level of design, some parts of the design, and then they go out to companies to help with various aspects dur- ing the design, including the hardware design itself, the FPGA design, the mechanical design, running thermal simulations, electrical simula- tions, signal integrity, and power integrity sim- ulations. And possibly, if there is an FPGA on the board, they might engage an FPGA design Whizz Systems: The Silicon Valley CM

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